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Sacred Geometry
and Consciousness

Dr. Marsha Walters



Sacred Geometry helps us understand how our consciousness interacts with Divine Mind to manifest our reality. Consciousness creates energetic frequencies that generate geometric patterns, which then create physical form. We will explore the science behind this creative process. 


Part of her Science and Spirituality series,

3rd Sunday of each month
Sunday, July 15, 2018

from 1:30 - 3:30 pm

Unity of the Triangle, Fellowship Hall

5570 Munford Road, Raleigh NC 27612


Pre-registration is encouraged, but not required at https://unitytriangle.org/event/science-spirituality/ 
Suggested love offering $25

It was a great pleasure to have Dr. Marsha Walters speak at our lecture for Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship in April 2018.   Her talk on Quantum Weirdness and how it works was not only very effectively explained, but she had a good sense of humor during the presentation.  She is the best combination of intelligence and humbleness which makes it easy to listen to her as an audience participant.  I felt like I was at a TEDx Talk.  Those attending were very vocal after the event on how much they enjoyed her talk. We will definitely have her back in the future! I highly recommend Dr. Marsha Walter for speaking engagements.

Susan Hunter, Chairperson and

Program Coordinator

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship of NC

Marsha presents complex material in a way that makes it easy to understand and incorporate into one's own field of knowledge. Her humor and humility makes her easily approachable - all questions are affirmed. She is an engaging teacher. 

Carolyn E., Cary NC

Dr. Walters' energy and knowledge enticed me to take this class. The other attendees and I are changed people from the experience. Happier, definitely more at peace. Her healing abilities are amazing - as is she!

Sheila S., Clayton NC

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