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Science & Spirituality:
Addressing Coronavirus & Fear: Attuning to Healing Frequencies


Workshop led by Dr. Marsha Walters

for Unity of the Triangle

Originally Livestreamed on March 15, 2020​​

This Webinar is now available on YouTube.

Everything vibrates at a specific frequency, including you and the coronavirus. When disharmony occurs in your body or consciousness, aligning with the Creator’s norm brings healing. Learn how to raise your own frequency to restore balance, ease, and wholeness. Together we use healing frequencies in a meditative state to heal the world of the coronavirus. All who participate will multiply the effect of our focused intention to eradicate this virus and the fear surrounding it.  

Any questions?
Email Marsha at mlwaltersphd@gmail.com

Workshop Topics

  • Creating With God

  • Achieving Unity Consciousness

  • Planetary Ascension

  • Physics of Miracles

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Connecting to the Field of Infinite Possibilities

  • Quantum Weirdness

  • Secrets of Light

  • Awakening to Zero Point

  • Your Higher Self

  • The I AM Teachings: Seeing Perfection

  • Healing with the Field

  • Honing Your Intuitive Skills

  • Psychic Healing

  • Sacred Mysteries Revealed

Please note:
Future Workshops led by Dr. Marsha Walters will be livestreamed via Zoom. Details soon!
Workshop Testimonials

Marsha has a genius-level understanding of the ways that quantum physics and spiritual principles intersect. In her workshops, she eloquently weaves scientific and metaphysical concepts together with such love that everyone in the room is lifted to a higher level of consciousness. She is a gifted healer and is able to move fluidly between dimensions of consciousness as she explains and demonstrates how to use higher-dimension ideas and techniques.

Debbie B., Durham NC

Marsha presents complex material in a way that makes it easy to understand and incorporate into one's own field of knowledge. Her humor and humility makes her easily approachable - all questions are affirmed. She is an engaging teacher. 

Carolyn E., Cary NC

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