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Grigori Grabovoi Healing Frequencies

Practice Grigori Grabovoi’s powerful, simple healing techniques online.


If you have watched Marsha’s Webinars "Addressing Coronavirus & Fear: Attuning to Healing Frequencies" and "Introduction to Grigori Grabovoi and His Healing Methods" on YouTube,

then you are aware of the powerful healing work that is possible using Grigori Grabovoi’s frequency numbers. 


As of June 4, 2020, Dr. Walters has been granted the right and privilege to conduct webinars and consultations based on the work of Grigori Grabovoi and to use the trademarks Grigori Grabovoi® and Grabovoi ®.


Grigori Grabovoi created an electronic device called PRK-1U, that focuses and amplifies the power of the healing numbers. This electronic device has within it circuitry and crystals to heal and project the frequencies for healing various illnesses. There are videos of separate machines at the link below for Rejuvenation, to cure AIDs, to cure and protect from the Coronavirus, to cure Cancer, and for eternal life for all.  It is helpful to work with his numbers while focusing on this machine.


He usually sells this machine for around 10,000 euros or groups of 8 can buy in at 1200 euros apiece. Because of the state that the world is in now, Grigori Grabovoi is making the PRK-1U available for free on the internet. All, that he asks is that you send in include test results from your doctor if possible.


Marsha explains why you should be excited about Grabovoi’s gift. “My experience with this device has been profound. I have experienced major healing dreams, my whole body becomes energized, and it has increased my ability to concentrate. I now use this machine while working with my distant clients. Trust me, this is an amazing opportunity and blessing to come out of these troubling times.”


Don't understand? Try it anyway!  To access the machine:

Online video monitoring PRK-1U configured to medical profiles

Please Note: You have to read the information about it and hit “agree” at the bottom left of the page. You must only agree to report your results to Grigori Grabovoi. Try the machine out first. If you have significant medical results, he is seeking information like test results before using the machine and after, to track how much this is helping people as scientifically as possible.


How to use the PRK-1U:

Focus mostly on the smallest lens and move your eyes counterclockwise around the other lenses. I would recommend try it for 10 minutes and increase your time daily. Keep the PRK-1U link on in an open browser window on your computer to send the energy into your home even when you are not using it.


Go to webinars ​ to access this webinar and links to Grigori Grabovoi's frequency videos included in the Webinar. Feel free to share this link with others to advance this healing work rapidly. 

If you have any questions, please email

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