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Healing Modalities

Grigori Grabovoi 

Dr. Marsha Walters has been granted the right and privilege to conduct webinars and consultations based on the work of Grigori Grabovoi and to use the trademarks Grigori Grabovoi® and Grabovoi ®. Grigori Grabovoi is a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and in 2003 was given the title "The Best Healer of the 3rd Millennium” in Russia. The powerful tools he developed using specific frequencies are used to focus one's intent for personal and planetary healing.

Try the PRK-1U machine: 

Online video monitoring PRK-1U configured to medical profiles

Matrix Energetics

Marsha is a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, a system of healing and transformation designed and taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett. This exciting tool can be used to heal, to transform, and to create new possibilities for any aspect of life. Transformation takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts of energy and information that create all of reality.


Theta Healing

Marsha is a certified Practitioner of Theta Healing, which focuses on thought and prayer. Theta Healing teaches how to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is to do the actual "work." By changing your brain wave cycle to include the "Theta" state, you can actually watch the creation of instantaneous physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing.


Marsha is a Certified Level 3 Practitioner of SomaEnergeticsTM, which uses tuning forks tuned to the original Solfeggio Frequencies. In addition to this Energy Vitality technique, Marsha has also received training in Energy Scanning and DNA Ancestral Energy Release techniques. The essence of pure sound is very powerful, because it bypasses limiting beliefs and emotions associated with words and allows access to deep levels of the subconscious. In 2000, David Hulse, the founder of SomaEnergeticsTM  commissioned tuning forks be made in the Solfeggio frequencies and developed the healing techniques to help heal the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and expand consciousness.

Conscious Systems

Marsha is a Certified Practitioner of Conscious Systems, practices built upon the observation that there is more to a human body than just its physical and biochemical parts. Repairing and maintaining the energetic body and how it interacts with the spirit and physical body provides a key to physical well-being and a foundation for healthy emotional responses, relationships, and spirituality.


Garcia Innergetics

Marsha is a Practitioner of Garcia Innergetics, a form of feeling, seeing, experiencing and tracking energy. This intuitive technique is used to read and scan energy, and to use the power of intent to make a correction in the field of information and energy.


The Love System of Flower Essences

Marsha is a certified Bach Flower Essences Practitioner, trained by Dr. Eric Love who has developed a new level of Healing using the Homeopathic approach to the Bach Remedies.  A student learns how to heal dis-ease and how to understand emotions.  The emphasis is not on science but on Healing.  With a Ph.D. in Religion, Dr. Love approaches all healing from the Spiritual, because “the curative power is in the Soul.”

Energy Healing 

Marsha is trained in Brennan Healing Science—a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. This work combines High Sense Perception skills and hands-on energy healing techniques to assist individuals with their personal process of healing.

Foot Zone Balance Therapy

Marsha is a certified Foot Zone Balance therapist, a system that works on the entire foot and ankle accessing the whole body through its electromagnetic system. Zone balance reaches even the DNA, allowing the DNA to be reprogrammed from an unhealthy state to that of the body's original state of perfection. Zone balance moves energy in a systematic way from the outside of the body to the inside addressing the body systems as a whole. Emotional releases often occur as well as improvements in the health of the body.


Marsha is certified in Bio-Mechanics, developed by chiropractor John L. Hurley in the 1940s. Bio-Mechanics requires the clinician to assess the patient's posture in a standing position, in front of a plumb line. The "contact point" is then marked on the right or left side of the pelvis, depending on the position of the pelvis. This contact point has a direct mathematical relationship to the center of gravity, which is located at the top of the sacrum. It is through this contact point on the pelvic girdle that the sacrum is realigned. With the sacrum correctly aligned, the entire body stands in an ideal position and pain is eliminated.

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