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Spiritual Healing and
Personal Transformation

Dr. Marsha Walters offers client sessions in a variety of ways:
Dr. Walters conducts private healing/transpersonal counseling sessions with individuals, either in person or at a distance.
  • In person sessions are available at several locations in Raleigh, NC.
  • House calls do incur additional travel expenses. 
  • Distance sessions can occur either over the telephone, by Zoom, or by Skype. 
Dr. Walters  can also facilitate healing/transpersonal counseling sessions for a family or group.
Click the arrow below to book your healing session.
First Hour Session $150.00
Subsequent Session $130.00
1/2 Hour Followup Session $90.00

With my permission, Marsha begins "spiritual surgery" ... a few days later when my physician examines me, he tells me that the procedure he was planning to do is no longer necessary.

Lee B., Raleigh NC

"I fell and broke my ankle. My leg was black and blue and very swollen. I watched Marsha work as 80% of the swelling just went away... Instantaneous healing. I was off my crutches 3 weeks earlier than the doctors predicted. "

Brenda P., Greensboro NC

How does long-distance healing work?

This form of energy healing is a specialized form of prayer, in which Dr. Walters communicates directly with the Quantum Field on behalf of the client. Since this Field of Infinite Possibilities is everywhere at once, the loving consciousness of the practitioner can connect to the healing forces anywhere. Dr. Walters is able to establish energetic rapport and work with patterns of light and information in the client to shift into a healthier pattern.

Dramatic changes...I have lived with constant pain...One session and no more discomfort...I feel strong.

Suzanne C., Stuart, FL

"After one session, I feel better than after months of chiropractic treatment. I feel strong."

Dave M., Naples, FL

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