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 Available Workshops

In addition to her healing practice, Dr. Walters teaches a variety of Spiritual Development classes and workshops.
Marsha is also available for speaking engagements at churches, temples, and spiritual study centers.
Contact Dr. Marsha Walters by email to arrange for a workshop for your group.

Workshop Topics

Science and Spirituality

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Connecting to the Field of Infinite Possibilities

  • Quantum Weirdness

  • Awakening to Zero Point

  • Planetary Ascension

  • Creating With God

  • Achieving Unity Consciousness

  • Physics of Miracles

  • Secrets of Light

  • Awakening to Planetary Ascension



  • Healing with the Field

  • Honing Your Intuitive Skills

  • Healing & Power of Imagination

  • Attuning to Healing Frequencies

  • Psychic Healing

  • Intuition Upgrade


The I AM Teachings

  • The I AM Teachings: Seeing Perfection

  • Your Higher Self

  • Sacred Mysteries Revealed

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