Spiritual Development Webinars

  Addressing Coronavirus & Fear:
Attuning to Healing Frequencies 
by Dr. Marsha Walters

Everything vibrates at a specific frequency, including you and the coronavirus. When disharmony occurs in your body or consciousness, aligning with the Creator’s norm brings healing. Learn how to raise your own frequency to restore balance, ease, and wholeness. Together we use healing frequencies in a meditative state to heal the world of the coronavirus. All who participate will multiply the effect of our focused intention to eradicate this virus and the fear surrounding it.  Originally Livestreamed on March 15, 2020​​

This Webinar is now available on YouTube here.

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Interested in the Solfeggio Frequency Tuning Forks used in the Webinar? Go to the SomaEnergetics website to get your own and/or schedule a distance healing session with me here.

Learn more about Grigori Grabovoi's Healing Frequencies.

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